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The free fake id review site. My site has reviews for fake drivers licenses and fake diplomas. Get informed and get the fake identification or degree from the best fake id sources online. Websites differ in fake identification quality and design. Finding the best source can mean the difference between getting into the bar or having the bouncer take your fake id.

FAKE ID Questions

Q: I'm going to be visiting Long beach about 2 months before my 21st birthday. I have a real girls ID who looks a bit like me saying that I'm 21. Are there any suggestions about using this?

A: Unless people mistake you for twins this is not a good idea. This is the most common trick bouncers look for. Better off buying a good fake id because using another's identification is identity theft.

Q: When I get a fake id online will it be valid when it scans?

A: If the fake id website knows how to encode it or print the barcode with the correct software, then yes. When scanning a fake license or real license all it does is pull up the information on the license.  Bars and nightclubs may scan an identification as an extra measure to make sure it is real. They have no way to run your license information through any government database. Many places that scan IDs are now starting to save the scanned information off the license into their own database to sell to others, or market items to you. An example, is a nightclub scanning your ID and 8 months later, a week before your birthday,  you get a mailer in the mail offering you a free drink, or to host your birthday party at their establishment. Another way for people to know too much about you and invade your privacy. We encourage anyone reading this who is of legal drinking age to question any place that attempts to scan your identification for entrance or purchase. Ask what happens to your information that is recorded onto their computer from your license. Any chance you get refuse such an invasion into your personal information. No nightclub needs to know your address to enter, especially when you are paying for the over priced drinks they serve.

Q: Will I get into trouble if caught with a fake id?

A: Depends. Bars usually just confiscate them or return them to you and refuse entry. They have no legal right to detain you, so if taken leave quickly in the event the pigs were called.  If you do get busted for using fake id and where only using it to go drinking 99% of the time you get a fine in the USA. Other countries that reserve their cages for actual threats to society usually let you go with a warning.